Creating a Competitive Edge: Tailored Employee Benefits for Mid-sized Companies

Creating a Competitive Edge Tailored Employee Benefits for Mid-sized Companies

Your employees will always take more money, but it may not be enough to retain their loyalty. Employees also value health and other benefits supplied by progressive employers. A Forbes Advisor survey revealed that two out of five workers would consider migrating to a position with better benefits. In the same survey, three out of five businesses reported changing their benefits to attract and keep valuable employees.

Tailored benefits packages can help your mid-sized company connect with the right candidates for open positions. When you partner with an experienced employee benefits company in Montgomery County, PA, it’s much easier to set up benefits that are affordable for your company and employees.

What Benefits Are Most Important to Employees?

Healthcare tops the list of benefits valued by current and prospective employees. Other benefits to consider adding to your portfolio include the following:

  1. Life insurance: Nearly half of employees rank life insurance as an important benefit.

  2. Retirement plans: Over a third of those surveyed included retirement plans as a top benefit.

  3. Paid time off: Giving employees sufficient time off does more than recharge their batteries. It can also serve as an important retention tool.

  4. Mental health assistance: A significant number of respondents thought mental health services should also be included in benefits packages.

Four Advantages of Health and Wellness Benefits

There are many advantages to providing health and wellness benefits. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to set up an appointment to discuss health insurance for your business in Bucks County PA:

  • Attract new talent and keep your most productive staff members. By offering health and wellness benefits, you can provide coverage and peace of mind to employees and their families.

  • Enhance productivity in the workplace. With health insurance, people are more likely to visit their primary care physician or other health care provider in the early stages of an illness. Preventive care can also curb illness, resulting in fewer sick days and higher productivity.

  • Boost morale in your workplace. A healthier workplace is a happier workplace. By providing health and other benefits, you can foster a more engaged workforce.

  • Solve an essential concern. Today’s employment market remains competitive. Besides offering salaries at or above market rate, it’s important to consider what benefits employees need most. Business owners who combine a robust salary with employee benefits, such as medical and dental coverage, often thrive over competitors vying for the same candidates.

You don’t have to navigate the complex landscape of regulations and compliance standards that go along with running a benefits program alone. Instead, partner with the top employee benefits company in Montgomery County, PA. Our team is committed to helping you stay abreast of changing legal considerations impacting your benefits program. Let us mitigate potential risks and help you realize all the benefits that come with a competitive health and wellness package.

Contact A Professional Employee Benefits Company

With a reputable benefits company behind you, you can educate and support your employees throughout the enrollment period and beyond. We offer resources that include workshops and courses regarding health benefits and how they impact your employees.

Customer service and quality products are the hallmarks of our services. When you need a responsive benefits provider, look no further than our capable team. Feel free to reach out with any queries you may have regarding our products or services. Rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions and help you kickstart or upgrade your employee benefits program.

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